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Alpine A110 Targa and A110 R: It's a big YES!

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  • Alpine A110 Targa and A110 R: It's a big YES!

    At the Geneva Motor Show (canceled), Alpine will present two limited series of its berlinette, an A110 GT with very complete equipment (full option) and propose new colors for the A110 S, a yellow and a second gray. But to boost sales and production (from 15 to 7 cars / day at the end of 2019), the limited series are not sustainable over time. Why not extend the A110 range to other versions? We have imagined a “hair in the wind” version, the A110 Targa and a radical version, the A110 R.

    At the International Automobile Festival , Alpine created the surprise by unveiling the A110 SportsX concept (read here) , a raised A110 with an enlarged body. The upcoming arrival of an SUV within the Dieppe brand is gradually being confirmed, this type of vehicle being acclaimed by customers as much as it is hated by environmentalists. Personally, we have always taken the side of efficiency, lightness, agility, driving pleasure, values ​​that are far from offering SUVs.

    Since the official presentation of the Alpine A110 (read our test here) , incessant rumors point to a discoverable version (read here) . The mechanical integration in the structure being so optimized, that no place is created to accommodate a different powertrain or to house a soft top and its mechanism.

    T like Targa
    Who says absence of roof, says reinforcement of body to safeguard the rigidity of origin. Exit therefore a convertible version. The Targa solution remains the most technically plausible, because it respects the rigidity / safety duo. In the current state, a reinforcement of the windshield is necessary, because it would not resist a reversal. The increase in weight due to this reinforcement would therefore be minimized by preserving the intact structure of the C pillars (between the doors and the rear glazing).

    What about the removable roof? In one or two rigid parts, or canvas hood? The first solution helps to maintain rigidity and comfort (sound insulation), the second remains much simpler and light, more "roots" also in sound sensations. The front trunk is ideal for accommodating these removable parts. As for the choice of engine for this A110 Targa version, the current version of 252 hp / 320 Nm is sufficient.

    R for Radical
    Considering the high potential delivered by the A110, it would be a shame if Alpine was only satisfied with the A110 S version (read here) . Why not go all the way and offer a more radical version, an A110 derived from the A110 GT4 (read here) and approved for the road? The Megane 4 RS's powertrain (read here) and its EDC6 robotic gearbox do not fit into the rear cradle of the A110 (see drawing above). This choice would impose a structural modification of the chassis (in width), as well as all the peripherals. Although the EDC7 robotic gearbox of theA110 is more efficient and lighter than the EDC6, it does not support, for the moment, the torque values ​​of the engine versions of the Megane 4 RS like the Trophy-R (read here) , for example. It is also for this reason that the manual gearbox was not taken into account during the design of the A110 (chassis structure, interior design, etc.). The A 110's version R should focus on weight reduction (-50 kg) and a 10% increase in power and torque compared to the A110 S , ie 320 hp and 350 Nm.

    As for the equipment, it is "open bar" according to the tastes and the client's portfolio, as well as taking advantage of specialist Renault Sport partners. Note a body and widened tracks as on the A110 SportsX concept, revised engine cooling taking advantage of the enlarged air intakes, carbon fiber for Carbon Revolution rims (front 9 × 18 and rear 10 × 18), hood, roof, rocker panels, rear extractor and spoiler, a light battery, large Brembo brakes (carbon / ceramic optional) with 6-piston calipers at the front and 4 at the rear, adjustable Öhlins shock absorbers, a titanium exhaust line with double outlet 65 mm Akrapovič, Bridgestone semi-slick tires, no GPS (no regrets due to its lack of responsiveness), removal of air conditioning and optional free audio system, etc.

    Personalization à la carte is not part of the industrial and commercial culture of the Renault Group. However, this is an expectation of Alpine customers , who wish to have a distinctive and specific, or even unique, copy. The principle of exclusive parts catalogs (with high added value) offered by Renault Sport for the Clio RS and Mégane RS could happily apply to the A110 . When you love you don't count, passion often prevails over reason.

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