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Ph1 Clio V6 progress.

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  • Ph1 Clio V6 progress.

    Hi, Just joined up so thought I ought to post a belated build thread on my V6....the car does get used and isn't a garage queen.

    It was bought in July 2017 as a car for my retirement and it was definitely, absolutely definitely staying oem.

    Anyhow, 20 months later....

    KW V3 coilovers with solid top mounts,
    2 piece front brake discs,
    Cobra RSR seats custom made in blue,
    TRS Harnesses,
    LifeLine plumbed in fire extinguisher,
    Sparco steering wheel in grey alcantara,
    ITG air intake,
    Quicksilver backbox,
    Cromodora V6 Trophy wheels with MPSS tyres,
    V6 Trophy rear spoiler.....rep as oem nla,
    V6 Trophy front splitter...rep as oem nla,
    V6 Trophy brake ducts,
    Livery is loosely based on the Catalunya entry in the V6 Trophy race series,
    Decals are a sort of work in progress, some of the smaller ones are prone to change!
    Paintwork has been detailed and has a coating of gTec CSL.

    Plenty of more ideas but whether they come into being or not is another question, cars are never actually finished are they..

    In the pic of the seats, the harnesses are now routed properly.
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    Lovely. Kept an eye on this on pH .


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      A few more....
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        What a silly silly car! Love it!


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          Love it


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            Fab looking car ☺


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              Looks great !


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                The idea of keeping it oem was good whilst it lasted..

                Very quickly decided I wasn't overly keen on the quite soft suspension so, having has KW on previous cars, decided to go down that route again. The only one KW offer for the V6 is the KW V3...impressed with them! Have them set firm and they've tidied the handling up no end...and once again we get on that slippery slope that seems to have no end!

                Another major difference are the wheels. With being the mag alloy wheels from the V6 Trophy cars they weigh nothing.....if someone had told me the difference they'd make I wouldn't have believed them. Now trying to find a 2nd set that will have semi - slicks on for summer use....not the easiest things to find though.

                With the suspension now set up and the rear wheels being 9" wide it feels like a limpet on the road, in the dry anyhow. Possibly still likely to try and kill me in the wet if driven stupidly.

                Have toyed with the idea of branched manifolds and 2 sport cats to replace the pig iron lumps and 4 oem cats but the costs are in the realm of "how much??"...may gain slightly more oomph and a bit more noise but not sure it needs more oomph and it sounds quite good now.

                The engine inspection cover has been replaced with a clear one and thought about replacing the complete rear covers with a polycarbonate one. Only thing stopping me doing that is it's likely to involve a vast amount of work to make it all look finished around the edges and, if it isn't finished right, I wouldn't be happy with it.

                Looked at the car one day and I thought that,with it being silver, it was doing a fairly good job of looking quite bland. Had the bright idea of applying one or two decals to try and break it up a little which seemed to work quite well.....then had the bright idea that if I was going to do it, do it properly.....not to everyones taste but hey, it's not everyones car

                Pics with a few small decals and Ph2 wheels on.
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                  I would love to see and hear this beauty.


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                    Originally posted by Kenyanboy View Post
                    I would love to see and hear this beauty.
                    Likely to be up Scotland later this year.

                    Will give you a heads up.


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                      Nice one.


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                        Lovely car this, had a quick chat with you in the car park before Waxstock last year 👍🏻


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                          Any shows or events your attending this year in it?


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                            Originally posted by scoobyr View Post
                            Lovely car this, had a quick chat with you in the car park before Waxstock last year 👍🏻
                            I remember now!


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                              Don't think it'll be at either Waxstock or Fitted, they're not my thing and the car was only there as a mate owns a detailing supplies business and he asked if he could have it by his stand.

                              He's now trying to push his own brand so if he has a presence at either event it'll only be a very small affair.

                              At the waxstock show I caught a man and a woman who had just bought a load of stuff from my mate resting their bags on my bonnet sorting it out.....bollocking would be an understatement! You'd expect it in town or the like but not at a detailing show.

                              At waxstock...


                              ...and at fitteduk

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