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  • Mercury RS300 Trophy

    Now that the car is here I thought I'd start a blog. Not expecting to do lots to it, but you never know.

    Collected the car from Renault Hillington who are a Renaultsport and Alpine dealer. From initial phone call to delivery was a painless process and well managed by Harry Cunningham who runs that section of the dealership. When other dealers where not willing to give you a test drive in their cars so they could add a premium for delivery mileage examples where you had to buy rather than try....Hillington were spot on, unlike the other central Scotland renaultsport franchise.

    As per my instruction/ request the car was left as it arrived and not prepared prior to delivery. Simply a mechanical check, stick the plates on it and away I went.


    Got the car home, garaged up and over the weekend set about it with my sponges and rags


    Excuse the iPhone pics, i’ll Break out the big guns when the weather is better and i get out in it to a suitable location.

    Not having the car touched meant no unintentional paint damage from the dealer valet team and would be all on me if it did.

    Process although no pics of it were...

    TFR/ Snow foam
    Wash - 2 buckets
    Fallout remover
    Tar remover

    Paint on inspection was very good, so protected with Swissvax Best of Show after use of Swissvax cleaner fluid, wheels have gtechnic wheels sealant.

    Interior cleaned up, glue removed from the windows. Seats and Mats/ Carpet protected by gtechniq fabric

    Still awaiting on the replacement wheels, getting 19” black interlagos, but they are on back order. Have 3oo4 just waiting on 1 more. Although the Jerez wheels are growing on me, but black will be so much better. The shark fin looks good and in black gives a good contrast and will fit in well with the silver/black theme.

    Small changes soon will be de chrome windows, maybe the exhaust surround and get the new wheels fitted and just drive the thing.

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    Looks great mate, Mercury is an underrated colour I think.


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      Looks great !


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        That colour is awesome , the only concern I had was when you said break out the bucket and SPONGES


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          Originally posted by Madmax View Post
          That colour is awesome , the only concern I had was when you said break out the bucket and SPONGES
          proper wash mitts, although do still have a few zymol sponges which are safe on paint.


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            Looks really nice buddy


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              Went out for a wee run today. Car was nothing short of awesome. A couple of pics. Was going to stop for more but clear roads, music and sunshine. Route taken, for those that know central Scotland, was A9 to braco, over the moors road to Comrie up the side of Loch Earn, down to Callander past Doune then back home.

              AdobePhotoshopExpress_2019_07_23_21:19:02 by John Phillips, on Flickr

              Untitled by John Phillips, on Flickr

              Untitled by John Phillips, on Flickr


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                Beautiful car. Love the silver!


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                  Very very nice buddy good choice on the colour


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                    Looks great matey


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                      Looks great, I actually think the Jerez wheels work really well with the Mercury paintwork....


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                        I was thinking that as well, look really good.


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                          Cheers chaps.

                          I’m swithering. Certain angles I like them, but I know black will be better. For me anyway. They are a cracking wheel and the dished look just adds to their appeal. Just too much red.

                          Had a chat with the wrap company who are not keen to de chrome, as they would not be able to tuck the wrap, but would be cut to shape perfectly. Potential for lifting and shrinking.


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                            Like it, I could live with that colour, that tone of Silver suits it nicely.
                            Agree on the wheels, the Red just doesn’t do it with the Silver.


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                              de-badged rear as well