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  • Clio 200 project

    I have owned my Albi blue Clio 200 with cup chassis for 6 years now and have loved every minute owning it. It’s a pleasure to drive and puts a smile on my face. Never get bored of it.

    Modification list to date:
    Ktec air induction kitPowerflex engine mount bushes
    Renault sport spoiler
    Ktec sports cat
    Ktec cat back exhaust
    H and R lowering springs
    Ktec platinum grooved front and rear brake discs
    Performance friction z rated front pads
    Ferodo D'S performance rear pads

    Braided brake lines
    OZ Allegerita wheels gloss black 8x17 et55
    K-tec exhaust manifold
    Cat cams 402

    Wish list:
    Supercharger kit
    Bucket seats
    Uprated clutch, flywheel, differential

    standard car:

    Below are the modifications made so far in order with some detail.

    K-TEC air induction kit - June 2014

    The car as standard I felt was to quiet, no noise until the engine hit 3000 rpm when the exhaust finally chirped up. The air filter makes such a good noise but only with decent load on the engine which gives the car purposeful noise below 3000 rpm. Makes you want keep your foot planted to hear it. Light throttle and cruising, no noise.


    Powerflex upper torque arm bush - January 2015

    This made the car vibrate a fair bit when fitted but got used to it quite quickly. Most of the vibration was felt on tick over and some through the pedals when holding high rpm.

    Renault cup spoiler - June 2015

    This I think completed the sporty look. It was missing something without it. 2 colour. Main colour black but blue where it blends to the roof.

    DSC_0214 (2).JPG

    K-Tec cat back exhaust with sports cat Remapped at 199 bhp. 181 before. - August 2015

    The car makes a great noise and torque below 3000 rpm greatly improved. The exhausts now always make a noise not just above 3000rpm and sounds like a sports car. Although the exhausts can always be heard it can still be driven soft enough that its not to intrusive. I was surprised how much power it was lacking from factory figures. Times to 60 were around 7.3-7.5 seconds with 2 people in the car. Not done a 're run since extra power.


    H and R lowering springs - Nov 2015

    30mm lower. The car sits much better on these with the arch gap decreased. Only slightly stiffer than standard cup springs but definitely reduced body roll.

    Michelin pilot sport 4 tyres - July 2016

    The car originally had conti sports 5 fitted when purchased which seemed to handle ok but suffered with serious tyre squeal and understeer when ever my foot went anywhere near the throttle on a corner. These Michelin are far better. I have since had no problem with tyre squeal or understeer and now I can plant my foot on tight corners with no issues coming out of the lines. They grip really well its like glue. gives confidence when driving hard. Great set of tyres. only road use driving no track action yet. Im sure a set of more track focused tyres would be even better but for road tyre I can't complain.

    K-tec platinum edition brake discs all round, Performance friction z rated front pads, Ferodo DS performance rear pads, Braided brakes lines - September 2018

    This package so far has a much stronger bite. Small pedal travel and brakes very well. when changing from my daily 1.2 clio its very easy to apply brakes and slow down to quick approaching junctions and roundabouts. With the windows down you can hear the brakes working, more than I could the standard ones due to the grooves. Windows up can't tell. look cool to.


    OZ Allegerita wheels gloss black 8x17 et55 - September 2018

    Standard cup wheel weight 9kg. OZ 7kg. These make the brake calipers and discs stand out more. The wheels now match in with the rest of the cars colour being black and blue. Definitely fills the arches better and looks wider track. No problems with tyres catching on arches and still turns full lock. Car feels a bit more responsive but could be a placebo effect.



    K-tec exhaust manifold, Cat cams 402, Power flex engine mounts - October 2018

    Car now has increased power making 215hp. The car is quite a bit louder inside especially with the rear insulation is removed. This can no longer be driven soft enough to keep a relaxed drive. The sound from the exhaust resonating through distorts the sound from the front speakers. Don’t need the radio anyway when we got the exhaust sound track. The upgraded engine mounts now transmit a lot more vibration through the cabin. The steering wheels shakes rather violently whilst stationary unless held. Once rpms are raised above tick over it calms down.


    Weight reduction

    So far I have removed most of the rear parts apart from the alarm, wiper and airbags. Weight saving of 40kg. Rear seats, parcel shelf, boot carpet, Iso fix bar came to 26 kg. All the side panels, speakers and boot trim came to 14kg.
    Wheels 8kg.

    As the insulation has been removed from the back more noises can be heard, such as the rear brakes working when pedal pressed, rear wiper motor, water in the wheel arches when driving in the wet.

    Estimated vehicle kerb weight 1192kg based on removing 48kg from factory spec 1240kg.
    Bhp/tonne 180.4. Originally 145.97.


    On the horizon:

    I hope to be getting a supercharger kit this year to give the car a boost in performance.
    A set a bucket seats to reduce some more weight. Corbeau sprint x in black and blue to match the colour theme.

    Distant future:
    Front splitter, sideskirts
    Suspension upgrade - new set of shocks and springs
    Transmission changes such as flywheel, clutch, differential, uprated gearbox.
    Uprated engine internals – to run full power on engine build

    Just some more pics of the car.
    DSC_0208 1.jpg
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