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  • Megane RS Trophy 300 EDC

    Hello everyone,

    I would like to introduce my Trophy, which I picked up a week ago. Car is brand new, I picked it up with 9 kilometers on the clock, and I've been waiting for it since july because of a special "deal" I made with the dealership- I've specced it, paid a deposit in july, than they ordered it, it arrived to the dealership at 5th of november, they left it there for 2,5 months so they were able to sell it to me as a "demo" car...but with no drivearounds with the customers...and in exchange, I get HUGE discount

    Spec is:

    sirius yellow
    8.7" Bose multimedia
    reversing cam + parking sensors

    At this moment, I am in a process of making those 1000 miles (around 1500 km) of not high revving ride (I rev it to 3-4k rpm max), than I will change the oil and finally I am gonna unleash the beast after that, which I can't wait for from day 1 I have it

    I totally love the sound it makes, I love the look of the car, love the seats, and I love the EDC gearbox, Iam superhappy I made this choice and didnt went for the manual one...the ride is pretty firm in around the location I live in (Prague, Czech Rep.), but as this is not the only car I have and daily drive, I am okay with it.

    There are also some thing I dont like- RLINK, for example, who even invented this prehistorical system?! And another thing is when I wash it, that keyless system just locks and unlocks the car constantly and it looks really comical, but who cares ..

    I am going to pick up a roof racks for it, because I love mountains and I will be travelling with my Trophy to our Czech mountains very often in the winter time, as same as the Alps, so I plan to put the racks on, put the roofbox on and go. I believe not many people will do this with their Meg RS's But at the end, it is just a car, and even when its a special one, I plan to use it as a car and not as a garage queen.

    Here are some pics I've made, better ones soon to come...

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    Welcome matey. Very nice introduction indeed ☺ hope you have many miles of happy motoring.


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      very nice


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        you can turn the hands free off....i have done it as it make it harder to steal


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          Thank you guys! And thanks for the advice with turning the keyless off, I think I might do it... but on the other hand, when you normally use the car like go in go out, its pretty nice to have it And most of the time I park in the garage under my apartment, so I'm not afraid of thieves that much...


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            Cool. The Meg 4 is really growing on me now, especially in LY.


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              Welcome !, looks stunning


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                Hi and welcome, if you aren’t keen on switching off the keyless just leave the key inside whilst you wash it.


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                  Originally posted by Kenyanboy View Post
                  Hi and welcome, if you aren’t keen on switching off the keyless just leave the key inside whilst you wash it.
                  thats a good idea actually!