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  • Look brilliant mate


    • Great job, have you managed to keep her as good looking (20/05/18) as she was last year? 😎


      • Originally posted by Kenyanboy View Post
        Great job, have you managed to keep her as good looking (20/05/18) as she was last year? 😎
        Shes collected a few more stone chips along the way, but I believe so!! πŸ˜…


        • πŸ˜– Stone chips, picked up a few myself, I need to spend some time touching in.


          • Unless you go for PPF you have no chance avoiding them


            • Kenyanboy mines well past that unfortunately. Lol

              I'll be looking down the route of a wrap in the next couple of years.


              • Sporadic update.

                Been having an issue with boost, when the car was mapped along with the hybrid I had a hole in the metal bit of boost pipe just before the elbow that had the bov on it. I replaced that but have never been fully sure its behaving. The other weekend I gave the Bov a full service and put the correct spring in (blue) I had been running.the red spring for more stututtuuuuu! Because I'm a child and turbo noises are cool!! Anyhow, it turns out the other spring in the bov was snapped in half.

                One of the reasons to me believing there was an issue is the rs monitor very often wouldn't break past 1350mb. The other was me and a friend were timing acceleration from speed x through to y, and the result would vary by over a second... which in around 6 seconds with one shift, if a big percentage.

                Well on my browsing of ebay, someone was selling a 30psi turbotecnicks gauge with a pod for the A pillar. So I have since installed that.
                on my one run out thus far, the car was peaking at 20psi. Which is 1.4bar nearly. I should be seeing closer to 1.6bar from 4k. But this may be down to wheel spin as I was struggling due to a torrent of rain for 50seconds as I was about to take the car out.


                • Overall I'm chuffed with the figment and look of it. Just need to suss if there is an issue of boost leak or not....
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                  • Up next (in the new year) is cams

                    Remaining mods are:
                    -cams and springs
                    -CAE or ZPO shifter
                    -full wrap.

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                    • So, for christmas, but mainly because zero-point-one did a 10% off black friday, I've ticked another mod off. Love the look and more importantly the feel of the shift.
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                      • 20200316_182044.jpg a minor update, been a money pit, of maintenance, of late!
                        was due the cam belt service, and while IP for it I was going to get rstuning to fit a set of cat cams. He said that using the hybrid, I could get 375bhp out of the setup! During a phone conversation he said I couldn't get anymore from that turbo as its flat out and maxed the duty cycle on the waste gate.

                        The other option is to fit their big turbo kit! Which is quite a pretty penny, but with capped torque i should see 400bhp on standard internals.

                        A few days later a kit came up on ebay, so after a small conversation with my good lady we went for it
                        And I won the auction!!

                        So the car has recently had the cambelt service, new plugs, oil -filter and cabin filter.

                        I've been hunting a boost leak and have changed a few hoses for silicone variants.
                        New renaultsport floormats!!

                        And most importantly, on the 30th of this month rstuning shall be working their magic and getting me the 400bhp I mentioned in my first post on this thread!!


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                          • News update, with no mentions of [email protected]*d19

                            Having all but killed my td04-20t the car is in ,to have a garrett t25-550 and 875cc injectors, at rstuning on monday.

                            Should see 400bhp. Then I have achieved what I wanted when I bought the car. A 400bhp megane.
                            But then the big save for forging begins.

                            Will post the graph up when it's done.


                            • Late late update, been and picked the car up today from rstuning

                              She's now running 393bhp with the torque capped at 360ftlb.

                              The engine sounds ridiculous, like some jap import drift wagon!!

                              Got a garrett g25-550 fitted


                              • how does it drive below 3000rpm? much "lag"?