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June Photo of the Month Competition. Topic: French Car Show

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  • June Photo of the Month Competition. Topic: French Car Show

    Here's the 19th Photo of the Month Competition and this will go towards the 2017 Calender.

    You will Have until Midnight June 23rd to post your photos on the chosen topic which is - French Car Show

    Voting will commence on June 24th along with the next topic.

    DSC_0462 by Gary Rawson, on Flickr

    The boring bit........

    The photo has to be your own

    Can be a new or old Photo

    Photo has to be in Landscape to be usable on the calender

    Doesn't have to be of your own Renault can be someones else or a group of them as long as they give you permission to enter it.

    1 photo per person aloud can be swapped if you take a better one in the allotted time scale.

    The same photo can not be entered twice in the same year as would look silly in the Calender.

    Photoshopping is now allowed, Id still like to see your photo skills rather then your editing skills but feel free to edit them if you wish.

    The winning car can not be entered again for the rest of the year so that we get variety through out the calender.

    Each winner of every month will get there photo in the Official 2017 RenaultSportClub Calender.

    Entries will only be allowed via the forum only and will need a full resolution of the winning photo

    So get snapping once more and best of luck to everyone and look forward to seeing your photos

    Please can we keep chat down to a minimum on this thread and post and chat on this thread please

    Past Winners

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    This will be interesting.


    • #3
      Oh no excuses for this month then !


      • #4
        No excuse at all. I may even pop an entire in as well


        • #5
          bet i can beat Rob this time lol


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            Originally posted by Madmax View Post
            bet i can beat Rob this time lol
            Nothing saying the pic has to be from this year 👍🏻


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              Originally posted by Roblynn1977 View Post

              Nothing saying the pic has to be from this year 👍🏻


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                One thing i've never been to so i'm out haha


                • #9
                  Camera's at the ready

                  One of my fav from last year:


                  • #10
                    Im liking this one now lol


                    • #11
                      I only took a couple !


                      • #12
                        Great pic Stevie


                        • #13
                          i didn't get chance to take any


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                            So many to choose from mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

                            this will do for now

                            DSC_6103 by Gary Rawson, on Flickr

                            i do like this one though but doesn't really show the show really

                            DSC_5798 by Gary Rawson, on Flickr

                            and i like this one of mine in the pit lane

                            DSC_5914 by Gary Rawson, on Flickr

                            DSC_6084 by Gary Rawson, on Flickr

                            but my car is already in the calendar,

                            mmmmmmmmmmmm decisions decisions
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                              Great pics Gaz !