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  • Auto rain sensor

    I've just had to replace the windscreen on the megane r.s. and having just driven in the rain for the first time the auto wipers aren't working.

    I am assuming that the sensor is one of the two in the circle on the right as you face the windscreen along with the headlight sensor?

    I can see a whole load of bubbles etc. around them so I am thinking it needs a clean.

    I'm wondering before I try this if there is anything special about how it should sit? I have already checked that the sensor has been reconnected so I think its contamination between the screen and sensor unless there is anything special about how it should sit or needs some sort of calibration. The auto headlights are working and guess they are on the same unit.

    I'll have a go in the next few days as it should be easy enough to have a play with but not sure if anyone has some experience....

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    If the screen has been replaced the gel that provides sealing of the sensor assembly to the glass has to be replaced if bubbles have appeared.
    Unfortunately sometimes that gel is only available with a new sensor and before fitting the gel or sensor the area inside the fitting area has to be absolutely spotless.
    If your Megane has any form of driver aid camera (Megane 3 or 4)this will also have to be set up using the right calibration equipment.