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    Originally posted by Zebra Three View Post
    Nice car.
    Just thought I'd say hi as I've just joined and signed the order for my RS Line this morning.
    TCe130 with EDC in Valencia Orange with Heated Leather and Motorway & Highway Assistance pack.

    Unfortunately I have to wait until the factory nail it together and that doesn't appear to be any time before March, so I'm eager to learn about other owners experiences, like the manual gearbox mode, how you get that to work?
    Welcome to the club, you will love the new Clio it's fantastic


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      I bought mine through the Bluelight Card/DDS scheme and got free metallic paint as I'm an NHS slave, in total that works out as a £3800 saving, so pretty happy with that.

      It's a replacement for my Abarth that got stolen, wanted something a little more low key (and not as bonkers) but wasn't too main stream and dull, the RS Line is quite classy inside, the heated leather should top it all off nicely, I also love those creases in the bonnet.

      Looked hard at the Fiesta, Ibiza and Polo but they all felt a bit too soulless, plus out of all the auto versions the Clio really does drive a lot better, much smoother with it being 4 pot compared to the others buzzy 3 and the Fiesta's slushbox isn't great.

      I thought about the Techno pack, but the semi autonomous cruising that the stop and go cruise and lane centering of the Motorway & Highway pack will probably be more of a benefit to me.

      Good to know about the manual setting, cheers. I did notice one of the paddles has "off" written on it.
      I can't hardly wait, I'm not the more patient person, the next couple of months are going to grate on me, looks like it'll be on a 20 plate, really wanted a 69 to the Mrs wasn't that interested!
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        Hi and welcome
        The new Clio is a great car


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          Welcome to the Club.
          Ah! The waiting game, always seems so far away when one orders a new car.
          I remember that too, when I ordered my Megane slightly impatient due to WLP which added a further delay, so took a stock car.
          Had it now just over 14 months. Where has the time gone?


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            Well it came in the end.
            Picked it up on day of lockdown (day of photo) so it's not had much use yet, just bumbling back and forth to work as I'm an essential worker.

            Heated Leather really nice.

            I did try the Traffic and Highway option once, quite a trippy experience though it managed the steering and speed it's self really smoothly.
            I half expected it to be a bit tippy tappy back and forth across the lane but it tracked the lane plumb in the middle, though it does make a fuss with an alarm if you let go of the steering wheel for too long.

            Not quite sold on the electronic handbrake yet, the auto setting (applies the brakes when stopped but still in drive) takes a bit of getting used to.
            It tends to jerk a bit setting off again so can make me look like a learner when trying to reverse park!
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              Hopefully you are pleased with it. The auto handbrakes do take a bit of getting used to but it will seem like second nature soon. Had the auto handbrake on my Megane, sadly my Clio doesn't, and I have to admit I have forgot to use the handbrake once or twice.


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                One year on from purchase and approximately 10700 miles.

                The Car has been very much spot on apart from a very minor hiccup in April that was very quickly resolved despite covid restrictions.

                It's just a very competent small hatchback, so easy to drive and reasonable comfort levels. Fuel economy is an average of 52.3mpg due to the majority of my mileage now on motorways. The one thing that I find impressive is the all round camera, great addition and such a help with parking manoeuvres. The ability to switch to the front left wheel view when parallel parking is a good way to avoid kerbed wheels.

                Whilst typing this I just caught a glimpse of my old white RS Trophy from RS days in 2019 in the background on the bottom right which this car replaced. Yes if I am totally honest I miss the Trophy, but I don't miss the fuel cost or the harder ride of the Trophy. I still have a 172 for trackdays so I feel I have the best of both worlds.
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                  52.3 mpg! Can't knock that.


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                    Must of been bored last night and done a few very quick calculations and I reckon I have saved over a £1000 in the last year running this as opposed to what I would have had to spend on the Trophy. Money I can and have to some respect put into upgrading and improving my 172 for track days. Half of that saving is fuel alone.

                    And dare I say it but this car feels very nimble and not a lot slower in daily driving conditions than the Trophy, I obviously know it is slower but it is still very impressive for what it is.

                    Now if Renault would bring out a new shape Clio with the same power as the 2020 Clio Cup car with 180BHP then that would be fun.

                    Hyundai are bringing out an I20N with 200BHP so they obviously feel there is a market for a small hot hatchback.


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                      Have to say I don’t disagree. If I have to go somewhere within 5 miles quickly I take my daughter’s 12 year old Toyota Yaris - particularly if it involves parking in a car park - that way I can park in the busy end and not in the “miles away” end as I otherwise would.

                      As for nippier small hatches - fiesta STs and Fiat abarths seem to be everywhere so there’s definitely a market.
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                        If everything goes to plan we will hopefully have a his & hers MK5 Clio RS Line in the household very soon.

                        A different colour so we don't get in the wrong car on the drive. My wife wanted me to get Valencia orange when I bought mine but I choose the Iron Blue, so it was easy choosing the colour.



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                          Like that Valencia Orange. Which engine is it going to have?


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                            Originally posted by Black225 View Post
                            Like that Valencia Orange. Which engine is it going to have?
                            It’s the 1.0 litre 90bhp now (was 100bhp) I think it’s been detuned to meet the latest euro emissions and now has a six speed box. My Wife didn’t want an auto.


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                              The new one was picked up yesterday, A few very subtle differences between the two. Noticed it has some lights in the rear which mine doesn't but for some strange reason there is no Restraining rings in the boot. Drives better than the previous MK4 Clio my wife had. Gave it it's first wash also as I specifically asked that the dealer didn't wash it.



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                                Looks good. Pity about the 90 bhp. Need to get it mapped.