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RB8 Recaro seat clunking

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  • RB8 Recaro seat clunking

    Hi All,
    My RB8 driver seat has just started to make a ‘clunking’ sound intermittently when I pull away from a standstill or coming to a halt (basically when gravity is pushing either way!) and it almost sounds like a seat bolt is loose! It doesn’t do this if I am sitting in the seat and move forwards and backwards intentionally. I contacted a Recaro dealer this afternoon called Capital Seating and Vision, and they said that because it’s an OEM seat and it’s likely to be a fault with the pull handle on the rear of the seat, they likely won’t be able to source a replacement part. It’s too late to contact Renault tonight but was wondering if anyone else has this issue with their seats, and if there is any potential resolution too something that is driving me insane, I hate the sound and the feeling it gives when it does it 🙄😫.

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    I've just picked an an RB8 (no. 57) and my driver's seat also does this. Did you find a solution?