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  • Ctek mxs 5.0

    So this may seem like a daft question, but, I've just picked one of these units up for my 2019 Trophy and was wondering what mode to use?

    The small battery program is list as follows;

    1.2-14Ah 14.4V/0.8A

    Normal Battery program:

    14-160Ah 14.4V/5A


    14-160Ah 14.7V/5A

    Logic would dictate I'd go for the normal + AGM (The Trophy has a 19Ah AGM DESS), however, in the battery thread there are folks saying to use less than 4A? If so, would using the small battery mode be beefy enough for the job at only 0.8A?

    Any advice welcome (as I've just been stranded again!)
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    Ideally you want a MXS 3.8, can you exchange it?
    you can use the 0.8 setting but it will take a long time


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      As Mark said, Renault recommends a maximum current of 4A to charge the DESS battery, anything higher than that will damage the battery. If you search the FIAMM part no of the VRLA battery from inside the DESS unit, you will see that FIAMM also recommends a maximum 4A current. The MXS3.8 is the one you want for this.
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        Ahh ok - I'll have to see if I can return this then. Picked it up upon general recommendations/reviews and to charge the Clio's battery too - assume the 3.8 will be ok for that, but will just take longer.


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          Yes 3.8 will be fine for the Clio as you say just takes a bit longer,
          I bought a mxs 5.0 after a lot of recommendations a few years ago but have bought a 3.8 ready for when my Trophy arrives